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How to take the first steps into being a comedian.

If I have done this correctly and this somehow appears in a Google search, hello!

By simply reading this Blog you have already taken the first step into being a successful comedian, so well done, give yourself a pat on the back!

Many people have different reasons why they want to get into standup, be it to try and get that dopamine hit as you make a room full of people laugh, all the way down to just trying it to say you have done it.

The next step is to do some research to what is available near you as this will dictate how you can go about writing your first set, throughout the world there will be open mic nights at bars, pubs, and purpose-built comedy clubs, you may not have one down the road, but if you have read this far I don't think that will stop you.

When you find somewhere that regularly hosts comedy open mic nights, look for what they offer, these can be 3-minute sets, 5 minutes or even 10. I would recommend for a first-timer to go for a shorter set as this then means you can try and get your best material out without having to fill the time.

Once you have found somewhere, reach out and ask how to sign up and what the rules are for performing, some places will require you to Email the venue or booker directly, some you can DM on Instagram for more information and there is also apps such as GigGag on IOS and Android that help shorten the process.

During this whole process you can be writing, I wont go into the details of writing in this post, but having your first gig booked can be a great motivator to actually putting your head down and writing material.

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