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Introduction - Slap and Giggle Comedy and Open Mic Standup Nights In London

Hello and welcome to the very first post on the Slap and Giggle blog.

I didnt even know blogs were around any more, thanks to Reddit and Tumblr taking over along with everyone having a video camera on them at all times making everyone a vlogger if they feel like it.

Why am I writing a blog post and making it a big deal even when I believe the medium of Blogging to be dead? SEO.

I dont know much about SEO, but after a quick google search I have found that this could be a good way to get the word out about Slap and Giggle along with trying to help in any ways I can.

If you have never heard of Slap and Giggle and I have somehow managed to trick the system into getting you to read this, im more suprised than you.

Slap and Giggle is a comedy brand I (Conor) have started in London to showcase the ever changing and growing comedic talent that this great city can offer.

When you start out doing comedy you are limited to doing an open mic night, which can range from packed rooms full of comedy hungry patrons, all the way to standing in a corner of a pub bothering the 2 people who didnt know anyone would be attempting to make them laugh let alone ready to listen to a new act perform standup comedy.

I set up Slap and Giggle because I have done both, and I wanted to put on gigs that the comedians and audience would both have fun in.

So yea, hopefully writing blog posts will save me some money on ads.

Kind Regards

Conor Lehane

MC at comedy club talking to the audience
Me Conor, Hosting one of the Nights at Coin Laundry in Clarkenwell

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